30 Facts About Me

Hi, Guys! Hope you have had a lovely weekend! 
 I thought I would do a bit of a personal post today so you guys can learn a bit more about me. So here are 30 facts about me:

1. I love Cheese. I would eat cheese every single day if I could.    
 2. I'm very, very short. 5'1 to be exact. 
 3. I'm afraid of ants. (I hate, hate, hate them. just the thought of them crawling over me freaks me out)  
 4. My mum was only 28 weeks pregnant when she had me. I was so little I could fit in the palm of my dad's hand and fit his wedding ring as a bracelet.  
 5. I would love to be able to play an instrument, specifically the guitar, but my arms are too short and I struggle to hold it in place. :(  
 6. I have a younger beautiful sister and a lovely younger step brother. They are great.  
 7. I was obsessed with Winnie The Poo up until I was about 13  
 8. I love being cold. There is nothing better than putting on layers of clothing and blankets.  
 9. I love both cats and dogs but due to my allergies, I can only cuddle certain breeds. :(  
 10. I have always been obsessed with New York. I managed to visit NYC in 2011 and fell even more IN LOVE. seeing a real-life Broadway show is one of my most favourite moments. ever.  
 11. I love spending time by myself. It's a great time to really relax, reflect and just chill out. Plus, if you can't enjoy your own company then how can you expect other people too!  
 12. I used to HATE sports. I think it's because when I was younger my dad used to be away from the house so much because of a sport that I grew up to hate it. But, now as I have gotten older I have grown to enjoy watching it for the atmosphere. (not playing, though!)  
 13. Family is really important to me. My dad left my mum when I was 13 so my mum has played mum and dad for over 12 years now, she does an amazing job and has made me really appreciate family and our time we have together. (shout out to all the single mums out there. If your kids don't appreciate you now they will when they're older. I promise) 
 14. My favourite colour used to be pink but as I've got older I really love violet. It just makes me smile.  
 15. I love flowers. My favourites are lilies and peonies.  
 16. I am a real foodie, I love trying new restaurants and different cuisines. You will often find my friends and I dinning down at the Viaduct or in Mission Bay. There is nothing better than good food and great friends. 
 17. One of the things on my bucket list is to have a White Christmas. (No, it doesn't snow in Auckland!!)   
 18. I HATE being late and I hate it when other people are late. It's a bad habit and makes me angry.  
 19. I don't drive. Some people think that's so weird, especially in NZ, but Auckland has pretty good public transport. It can be a bit time consuming but it gets you where you need to go! Plus, who needs a drivers license when you're in New York! ;)  
 20. My favourite subject at school was Textiles. I loved designing and sewing clothes and would love to get back into it again. Just need to get my hands on a sewing machine.  
 21. I love researching random things. Once I spent 3 hours on Wikipedia just searching and searching. Fun facts are great to pull out at dinner parties.  
 22. When I was little I had two imaginary friends called Matilda and Matilt. I used to meet them around the corner of my house. I'd also draw pictures of them and put them in my neighbors letterbox.  
 23. As you can probably guess. I'm obsessed with Makeup. At last count, I had 33 Lipsticks. (not including lip glosses or pencils.)  
 24. I hate horror movies. I'm still scarred from watching the Scream movies when I was younger! I struggle to shower when i'm home alone because of those stupid movies!  
 25. I love musicals and just singing in general. I'm a terrible singer but that doesn't stop me! 
 26. I minored in Creative Writing at University and have written about 500 short stories and 2 novels.  
 27. I love watching cooking shows. Specifically Jamie Oliver.  
 28. I have a permanent broken pinky toe from one new year when I came home slightly drunk and whacked it against the side of a door and then worked on my feet the next day for 13 hours. It makes wearing heels for long periods of time not too enjoyable!!  
 29. When I was younger there was no Tumblr so I used to post pictures and quotes about my favourite TV shows, books and movies into big notebooks. I'm pretty sure my classmates thought I was so weird. 
 30.  I can speak like a chipmunk. It's my greatest talent.    
So there are 30 facts about me! I hope you found this post interesting! Let me know some random facts about you - I would love to know some! :)  

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