Birthday treats and reflections

Hello, friends! 
I’m sorry it’s been a little while. Life has been crazy busy this month. 
As you know, my birthday was last week. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it does feel good to be 26. 
I was fortunate enough to spend my birthday morning with two of my favourite people; my mum and my nana. My nana has one of the most beautiful souls so it was special to be able to spend some time with her. I was also spoilt by one of my best friends. Not only did she show up to my house with the most delicious cakes, she decked my room out with balloons and she bought me some seriously cute presents! 
Since by birthday I have been reflecting on my 26 years and I thought you might find it interesting if I shared some key reflections here. I would also LOVE to hear any you have to share. Comment below or head over to Facebook ( 

1. Try not to sweat the small stuff: When I was younger I would always worry about the most stupid things; “My hair is too curly”, “I’m not as smart as that person”, “He doesn’t like me”. Someone once shared with me that given your worries and your fears are just in your mind you have the power to spin them around and change the narration. Next time you think “What if he doesn’t like me” turn it around and think “I am awesome and if he doesn’t like me, it’s his loss”. Now, you try.
2. Have faith: You know when you apply for a job you really, really want but you don’t get it? You might cry for a few days but things ALWAYS work out just as they are supposed too. I remember interning at a company convinced I was going to get hired full time when the company unexpectedly went through some financial troubles and had to make some key staff members redundant. I, of course, wasn’t then given a job and I was heartbroken. Fortunately, one day later I interviewed for another job and I got it. It was one of the best things to happen to me and looking back I would have hated the other role and not had as many amazing opportunities as I have now had. Always have faith. Sometimes it’s just not your time, but it will be and it will be even better than you ever dreamed of. 
3. Not all friends are forever: I will always remember my friend’s mum telling me back in high school that you can only ever count your closest friends on one hand. I brushed off her comments because I couldn’t believe that I would never not still be friends with all my high school friends. Unfortunately, when you get into the real world, experience new things and grow up you drift apart from a lot of people. I tried for many years to continue to put an effort into friendships but you soon realise that you aren’t the same people you once were. I also think it’s important to remember when you’re young to go out and meet new people. Some of my closest friends today are from forcing myself out of my comfort zone and introducing myself to them in a classroom, elevator or crowded room. I am also very fortunate to still be friends with a few people from high school and I know they will be life-long friends but I can most definitely count my CLOSEST friends on one hand. 
4. Get your heart broken: Yes you read that right. It’s so important to put yourself out there and experience love and everything it has to offer. It’s also important to know that you aren’t* going to find your soulmate at 18. This is okay. It’s actually good. It’s SO important to know yourself inside out before committing to someone else. I know so many people who have been in relationships all their lives and have no idea who they are or what they want out of life. Learn to love yourself. Find your passions, have a career, go travelling, do what you want to do! You have plenty of time to settle down when you’re older. 
When you’ve found yourself, you will also find your guy/woman and it will be worth the wait and heartbreak along the way. 
*Well if Nicholas Sparks books are true, you might… 
5. If you want something, ask for it: Being a woman can be tough, especially in the workforce. I have learnt that if you want something, whether it’s a pay rise, promotion or a holiday, you have to ask for it. Never be afraid to speak your mind because you don’t want to sound like a bitch/bossy/brat. If you’re not happy, fix it. Be a friggen #GIRLBOSS and go after what you want.

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