Konjac Sponge Review

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After hearing so many good things about Konjac Sponges, I went out and purchased one (RRP $6.99) and have been using it for the last 3 weeks. 

  • Cleanses pores by eliminating blackheads, dirt & oil 
  • Kills acne/pimples-causing bacteria
  • Naturally moisturizes skin 
  • Exfoliates skin gently, bringing in natural shine 
  • Balances out the pH of your skin 
  • 100% Bio-degradable 
  1. 1. Soak in warm water for 3-5 minutes. I use mine in the shower so soak it under the water while I’m washing my hair. 
  1. Massage your face with the sponge in circle motions, either with or without cleanser. 
  1. After use, rinse it and dry it in a cool place. 

I didn’t have high expectations when I bought it, but as soon as I used it I FELL IN LOVE. I’m not kidding. My skin felt so soft and smooth and my usual pink cheeks were glowing. 
My makeup has never looked so good on my skin. My foundation glides on and doesn’t stick to any bumpy areas - because they are gone. The texture of my skin is so smooth now I have to stop myself from stroking my face all day. 
The Konjac Sponge is an all-natural sponge made from Konjac roots (natural vegetable fiber) with extra fine texture. It’s really gentle on the skin, so even people with sensitive skin will love it. 
Key features include:
How to use:
If you have skin texture issues and find your makeup isn’t sitting right or lasting the whole day, I really recommend this. It has transformed my skin. I’ve even bought backups because I never want to be without it! 
xxx Hayley 

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