My Lipstick Collection

I have a problem. 
I am addicted to lipstick. 

I’m not biased, I’ll wear all colours; pinks, purples, browns, reds, sometimes even blue… I love it. 
I love the way a beautiful lipstick can completely transform any makeup look. You can go from hobo to queen with just a little red lipstick. 
Over the years I have slowly been collecting lipsticks and now i’m sure I have one in every colour. 
One things I’ve learnt is that anyone can pull off a beautiful lipstick shade, you just need to make sure the rest of your makeup matches (ie. no blues and orange… unless you love it of course). 
When I want something that will stay all day, I’ll stick to a matte lipstick (MAC, NYX, and Barry M are my favourites), when I’m after something subtle to pair with a weekend look or even a smokey eye, I’ll go for a sheer or creamy lipstick (MAC Saint Germain is my go-to) and for all day, I love a satin finish or liquid lipstick (MAC, Sephora, and Chi Chi are my favourites). 
If you had to wear one lipstick colour for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mine would be Twig from Mac. 
xxx Hayley

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  1. I love lipsticks! I don't often wear them but when I do, I want the perfect shade.
    When I lived in the UK I bought MUA from Superdrug (everything in the collection is $1) and their Shade 7 is my absolute favourite lipstick in the whole world. I have like 4 tubes haha. And they smell like vanilla.