Spring Trends

Hello, beauties and hello Spring!
I love Winter, but the cold, grey days start to get old VERY fast. With Spring, the nights get longer and the sun slowly starts to creep out again. HAPPY DAYS!
I spent my first 'Spring' weekend at the Ballet. My friend and I saw Giselle, performed by the Royal New Zealand Ballet and it was incredible. We were fascinated by the beautiful, yet haunting moves and could not take our eyes off the two leads. If you get the chance, please go and see this.

When it comes to makeup during Spring, I like to experiment with bold colours on the face and nails.  Check out my breakdown on the top makeup looks for Spring 2016: 
  • Forget the no-makeup makeup look, Spring is the season for bright lips, electric blue eyes, glowy skin and long lashes.
  • This season, a glowy base is a MUST. I love to use Mac's Strobe Cream under my foundation to give it that soft glow. Pair with a bright pink, orange or purple lipstick and layers of black mascara for an easy everyday look.
  • Peacock eyes: The combination of purple and green eyeshadow was popular at Fashion Weeks all over the world and I know this will be a big hit this season. 
  • Mango lips: This is the colour you want on your lips this spring. Soft and subtle, this looks great on any skin tone. Pair with gold eyes and bronzed cheeks. Perfect. 
  • Bottom liner: I've been doing this for years and was thrilled to see this during NZFW. Liner on the bottom lash can pull your entire look together. I love using soft browns and golds during Spring. 
  • Bright nails: White, nudes and pastels will always be ideal for Spring but bright colours, like navy blue, will be a massive hit this season. 

What are you looking forward to trying this Spring?
xxx Hayley

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