Books I'm Reading: The Thousandth Floor

Hello, beauties! 
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. 
Thanks to the lovely team at HarperCollins, I spent my weekend reading the most addictive book. If you're into Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, you will love The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee. 

The night I started reading this, I was only meant to read a couple of chapters, but I ended up reading nearly half the book before I fell asleep - the book still in my hands when I woke a couple hours later (not joking!). 

The Thousandth Floor is set in New York City (my favourite place, ever), one hundred years from now, in 2118. All the major cities in the world now have a one thousandth stories Tower, which is like a city inside a city (People live and shop there, there is an aquarium, a nightclub, you name it). The richer you are, the higher your floor is. Their world is highly technological; iPhone screens are encapsulated in their contact lenses, you can take a transatlantic train to Paris for dinner, and arrive back in New York the same night. There are holograms, messenger bots and meat is grown in test tubes! It reminded me a little bit of Spy Kids with how they were able to do anything and everything in a matter of seconds. 

The book is told from five different points of view all 17-18 years old; Avery, Leda, Rylin, Eris, and Watt. It can be tricky having multiple narrators, but each character all had a unique perspective on things and their stories slowly start to collide throughout the book. 

Avery lives on the 1000th floor (above everyone else) with her family and adopted brother Atlas Fuller. She is the girl genetically designed to be perfect. She seems to have it all, but her world is set to come crashing down. 

Leda Cole is wealthy (lives on floor 962) and is one of Avery's best friends, however, she is addicted to drugs and had a fling with someone she shouldn't have. 

Rylin Myers is poor and struggling to support her family. She lives on the 32nd floor but works on one of the highest floors. 

Eris Dodd-Radson is beautiful. She is Avery's oldest friend but her life falls to pieces when a heartbreaking betrayal breaks her family apart. 

Watt Bakradi is a computer genius. He knows everything about everyone but he finds himself caught up in a web of lies. 

Their world may be different to ours, but one thing that hasn't changed, high school is full of drama and life never goes the way you plan. If you can't tell, I loved this book. There is so many twists and turns but it still has a bit of romance. This would also make a great Christmas present for the book-lover in your life. It's a real page-turner. 

Available at Whitcoulls, PaperPlus, The Warehouse and other good book stores. 

xxx Hayley 

My rating: A- 

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