Eyelash Extensions

Hi beauties,
A couple of weeks ago, I got eyelash extensions for my friend's wedding as I didn't want to have to deal with false eyelashes (nothing worse than an eyelash poking you in the eye!).

I went to the Lash Room in Kingsland and got the 'Diva' set. The service was good - except they didn't tell me anything about caring for them afterwards. However, after an extensive google search, I was good to go.

The lashes looked great for the first day. I couldn't believe how amazing they looked. After sleeping on them they still looked good, just not as fluttery as they did the first day - which was a shame since the second day was the day of the wedding! I committed the ultimate lash extension sin and applied quite a few coats of mascara to give the lashes some more definition. They looked SO good and really made the eye makeup stand out, which is what I wanted.

Taking the mascara off that night was a massive mission but I used a cotton bud and warm water to get most of it off which worked well (You can't use oil based makeup remover as it will affect the lash glue).

Overall, the lashes lasted for about a week and then they started falling out - unfortunately taking some of my real lashes with them. My real lashes now look very short and patchy.

It was nice to have them on the day of the wedding, but I won't be getting them again. For the price you pay and the damage done to your real lashes - it's just not worth it.

I'd love to hear your experiences! Are you a fan?

xxx Hayley

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