How to add colour into your makeup routine

Hello Beauties, 
Whenever I wear bold makeup or bright pink lips, people always say, "I wish I could pull that off". Well, guess what, YOU CAN! I love playing with different colours and you can make it as subtle as you like. Keep on reading for my top six tips. 

  • Multicoloured Eyeliner: Once you've done a smokey eye-look, before adding your normal black liner, why not add gold or purple? It's a really easy way to add a bit of depth to your look and you can play with a range of colours. LA GIRL has a great range of eyeliners that stay on, forever. 
  • Coloured Eyeshadow: You don't have to give up your favourite neutral shades just because you want to use a bright colour. Simply add your chosen colour to the lower lash line. I love smudging a blue or pink eyeshadow with my bronzed-brown eyeshadow. 
  • Coloured Mascara: I love this look when I want my eyes to pop. I know this will be daunting for some of you, so you can take it a step back and only apply the coloured version to your lower lashes. 
  • Gradient Pink Eyeshadow: Most of us would think covering our lids in pink eyeshadow would be tricky to pull off. Combining it with a neutral shade (like white or pearl) to create a gradient effect (light colours on the inside and pink on the outer corners) makes it more wearable. I also like using the ColourPop metallic eyeshadows. They are so beautiful and shimmery you can top off any eye look with a touch of colour. 
  • Coral Blush: This is an easy way to add a pop of colour to your look and is one of my favourites paired with a bronzed base. 
  • Bright Lips: I love wearing a super bright lip. I feel confident like I can achieve absolutely anything when I'm wearing a bold lip. The best way to pull of a bold lip is to keep the rest of your makeup pretty simple. I love black liner or gold eyes alongside a bright pink or red lip. I find matte lipsticks are usually best as they don't require as many touchups throughout the day. 

I'd love to know your favourite looks, let me know in the comments.

xxx Hayley

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