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Today I thought I'd share with you some of my current favourite skincare products. I regularly try and mix up my skincare routine, mainly because I always find new products to try, but also because I think my skin reacts best when I change it up often. 

The Ordinary have become a cult favourite overseas and I was so excited to see La Femme Beauty had most of their skincare range online. I picked up The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2% RRP $22.00 and I've been so obsessed with it ever since. Using a high concentration of two retinoids (Hydroxpinacolone Reinoate and Pure retinol), this lightweight, milky serum has worked wonders on my skin texture without irritating the skin (a miracle since most retinol's can be harsh on the skin). 
Retinol's are known for boosting the production of collagen, fighting the free radicals that cause wrinkles, increase cellular turnover, which helps get rid of wrinkles and dark spots and helping to stop acne. Retinol's can leave the skin and cause redness and irritation - but not The Ordinary. They have cracked the forumla with the advanced retinoid. It's so gentle on the skin, I use it daily. I apply this before my moisturiser (at night) - just like any other serum and my skin gets smoother each day. I've noticed my makeup is staying on my skin longer and those pesky chin pimples are gone within a few days after using this. At $22, this is a steal and I recommend checking it out. Just be aware that retinoids can make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation, so you must use sunscreen daily. 

I've mentioned the Ren Vita Mineral Omega 3 Serum Oil quite a few times before, but I've fallen in love with it again over the last couple months. We constantly have heat problems in the office - no one can agree on the right temperature which means we end up with these heat pumps on, none stop. My skin hates them. I can actually feel my skin start to dry out as soon as they are turned on. Luckily, I have the Ren Serum Oil in my life. It helps strengthen and re-energize the skin to improve moisture levels and also helps reduce the signs of wrinkles and premature ageing. I apply a small amount to my ring finger and apply to dry skin (after cleansing) each night and it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave an oily residue. I have combination skin and I find this works really well with my skin - If you have dry skin, your skin will LOVE this. Available at Mecca RRP $49.00. 

Another product I've mentioned before is the Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream. It's a great night cream that combines Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Borage and Avocado Oils to replenish the skin's moisture barrier and improve skin texture. It's quite a heavy formula so I don't use it every night - but it's great for those nights when your skin just needs a little more love. 
 Available at Farmers for RRP $27.99. 

I'd love to know that skincare you have been loving. Let me know in the comments. 

xxx Hayley 

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