40 Thoughts I had re-watching FRIENDS

Hello beauties, 
I've been re-watching FRIENDS recently, it's the best show to watch after a long day with a glass of red wine. I genuinely forgot how funny it was. I find myself laughing SO LOUD every couple of seconds (sorry, neighbours). Below are 40 thoughts I had while re-watching the show. 

  1. Aww look, they are so young
  2. WTF are they wearing?
  3. Woah, Joey is really cute..... how you doin'?
  4. Rachel is kind of a brat
  5. Chandler is my hero 
  6. HA. Look how massive their cellphones are 
  7. ew, go away Ross 
  8. Omg. I AM ROSS
  9. How do they spend so much time at the coffee house? 
  10. Why don't any of the characters wear a bra?
  11. Where is Paul Rudd?
  12. Hahahahah OMG I AM ROSS
  13. Smelly cat, smellllly caaaaaaat
  14. What does Chandler even do? 
  15. LOL Brad Pitt 
  16. How does Monica even afford that apartment?
  17. Ha. ugly naked guy 
  18. Ewww why would you put a turkey on your head? How is that even possible?
  19. I wanna move to New York 
  20. Why don't I live next door to my friends?
  21. PIVOT 
  22. Aw, poor Ross 
  23. YAY Monica and Chandler 
  24. OH MY GOD - Janice is amazing 
  25. Phoebe is so awesomely weird
  26. Man, they are all quite selfish at times 
  27. I don't care, I still love them
  28. Hahahaha Regina Phalange is my new favourite name
  29. OMG Rachel is pregnant... F that 
  30. Chandler has the best facials 
  31. Ross has the best sayings, 'Unagi'!
  32. Hahaha Monica is next level cray and I love it 
  33. EW. Joey and Rachel!? ABORT ABORT
  34. I'M FIIIIIINE, yup. Okay, I am Ross 
  36. I wanna get married in the snow 
  37. Don't leave Monica and Chandler! 
  38. Poor Joey 
  39. LOL Anna Faris is amazing 
Is it too soon to start watching it all over again?....
xxx Hayley 

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