Top Five YouTubers to Follow

Hello beauties,
I hope you're all having a lovely start to your week.
It's funny how quickly Monday rolls back around, yet the weekend seems to go by in a flash. One of my favourite things to do during my downtime over the weekends is to catch up with my favourite YouTubers. I find it so relaxing curling up with a cup of tea and my laptop. I've been watching my favourite YouTubers for over six years now and they have genuinely started to feel like friends. It's so comforting on those days when you just don't want to get out of bed. Keep on reading to check out my top five YouTubers to follow.

Casey Holmes:
Casey is by far one of my favourite YouTubers. She shares makeup and skincare tips, beauty hacks, and hauls regularly. She has two dogs; Daisy and Rose that feature on her vlogs as well as her soon-to-be husband, Davis. I love following their journey, and it really does feel like I've just caught up with a friend after watching her videos.

Angela Lanter: 
You've maybe heard of Angela's husband; Matt Lanter, he's been in a few TV shows; such as 90210 and the two have a podcast where they share their pregnancy journey. It's called Hello Bump if you want to check it out. Angela shares beauty tips, fashion lookbooks, beauty hacks and all things makeup over on her YouTube channel. I often go to Angela's channel if I need inspiration for a Halloween look or if I want some fashion advice.

Fleur DeForce:

Fleur is the ultimate beauty junkie. Whenever a new product comes out and I don't know whether to purchase it or not, I always go to Fleur's channel. Nine times out of 10 she's already done a mini review. If you love watching Monthly Favourite videos or Fashion Hauls - you need to check out Fleur's channel.

Kathleen is one of the most entertaining YouTubers. She shares funny stories from her childhood, hauls, 'Get ready with me' videos and always does AMAZING makeup tutorials. Seriously, if you ever need to get inspired and want to add some colour into your makeup routine, you need to check out her videos. Plus, her dogs are super cute.

Labeled the queen of YouTube, Zoe Sugg does not disappoint. Zoe's videos range from beauty to lifestyle and she often films herself baking delicious treats in her kitchen. She also uploads vlogs that give us a look into her life with her boyfriend, Alfie, and dog, Nala. If you need some Christmas inspiration make sure you check out her channel as she always has gift ideas, wrapping tips and Christmas inspired recipes.

I'd love to know who you are following on YouTube - let me know in the comments below.
xxx Hayley

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