Disappointing books I've read this month

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As you know by now, I love reading. I read soooo many books and sometimes some of those books turn out to be not so great. This month alone, I read two books that I really did not enjoy reading, so I thought I'd share them with you today. 

Disclaimer: Just because I didn't like these books, doesn't mean that you won't either, so if they sound interesting to you, I still recommend checking them out. 

Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin: 
"Young Jane Young's heroine is Aviva Grossman, an ambitious Congressional intern in Florida who makes the life-changing mistake of having an affair with her boss‑‑who is beloved, admired, successful, and very married‑‑and blogging about it. When the affair comes to light, the Congressman doesn’t take the fall, but Aviva does, and her life is over before it hardly begins. She becomes a late‑night talk show punchline; she is slut‑shamed, labeled as fat and ugly, and considered a blight on politics in general.

How does one go on after this? In Aviva’s case, she sees no way out but to change her name and move to a remote town in Maine. She tries to start over as a wedding planner, to be smarter about her life, and to raise her daughter to be strong and confident. But when, at the urging of others, she decides to run for public office herself, that long‑ago mistake trails her via the Internet like a scarlet A. For in our age, Google guarantees that the past is never, ever, truly past, that everything you’ve done will live on for everyone to know about for all eternity. And it’s only a matter of time until Aviva/Jane’s daughter, Ruby, finds out who her mother was, and is, and must decide whether she can still respect her.

Doesn't that sound interesting?! Imagine my surprise when the book focuses on Aviva/Jane's MOTHER many years after Aviva has already had the affair. This continues for the first few chapters of the book. The main character isn't properly introduced until half way through the book and even then most of the chapters are from her daughters point of view. We don't get to Aviva/Jane's point of view until a few chapters from the end of the book and even then the chapters skim over the whole storyline very quickly. 

While the book frustrated me at times and I had to force myself to finish it, I did find it very fascinating as it showed how quick we are to judge people, even if that person is our own family member. It also showcased how things can cause dramatic consequences in other people's lives. 

I did really enjoy Gabrielle's writing style and I'll definitely check out some of her other books. RRP $34.99. Available at all good book stores. 

Everybody Hurts by Joanna Nadin and Anthony McGowan:
Matt and Sophia live in the same city, but they come from opposite sides of the track. By rights they should never have met. Definitely not the way they do - at a hospital. Sophia is dying and Matthew has stupid friends that lead him to the hospital to pick up chicks (yes, you read that right). 

After a kiss from Matthew just moments after meeting, Sophia and Matt embark on a typical first-love ride. Friends, family, and circumstances are against them, they betray themselves; then they betray each other and in the end, they learn, the hard way, what it takes for love to survive. 

While I found this to be a struggle to read (I couldn't get into the story), I did appreciate that Sophia's tumor wasn't a main part of the story - obviously, it was how they met, but apart from that, the book could have continued without it at all. 

I did not enjoy that this was written by two different authors. I felt like the book didn't flow properly which meant I couldn't escape into their world. I also felt like the authors compensated with bad language to try and make the characters seem older when realistically it felt like I was reading a 12-year-olds diary. 

RRP $19.99 available at all good book stores. 

xxx Hayley 

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