Thoughts I had re-watching One Tree Hill

Hi beauties, 
Back in the day (early 2000's), One Tree Hill was one of my favourite shows. I used to make sure I was home on a Sunday afternoon so I could watch the most recent episode. This was before downloading and streaming - and I actually had to wait YEARS before NZ got the most up-to-date season. Finally around 2010, I was able to stream season 7 and continued to do so until the show finished in 2012. 
Now, the whole series is available all over the internet, but lucky for me, I got the whole DVD boxset (thanks mum). 
Over the last two weeks, I have been re-watching the series and documenting my thoughts..... 

  • This theme song gives me all the feels 
  • They really don't look like 16-year-olds? 
  • I'm really glad they never turned the Haley/Lucas thing into anything romantic 
  • Lucas is such a punk
  • Peyton - stop being such a bitch to Brooke (always used to be team Peyton, but now I'm 100% team Brooke)
  • LOL look at all their flip phones
  • Naley forever! But, do people really get married in high school? Seriously? Someone tell me if that actually happens. They are only 16!
  • Seriously Peyton. How can you do that to your BFF?
  • Creepy Derek needs to go away 
  • Why do all the characters always quote themselves?
  • I hate dan/poor Dan
  • People always leave? I think you mean people always die (or go to jail)
  • Hey! That's where I got the quote for my tattoo!
  • Why are the girls in this show always half naked?
  • Why are the girls in this show always fighting each other?
  • This soundtrack really is great 
  • Can't look at Mark Schwahn the same as the record guy. SUCH A CREEP
  • How did Joy Lenz and James Lafferty not fall in love with each other? They literally kissed every day for nine years?
  • Now Haley is pregnant?! Married, pop star, been on tour, pregnant, been in a car crash and watched her husband nearly drown - Haley has experienced a lot for only being 17. 
  • Okay, so Jamie is the cutest kid ever 
  • Lucas - you're only 21!!!!!! Why are you so desperate to get married?
  • Lol okay. Proposal number 2 - this time with Lindsey (who deserves better than you) 
  • Imagine if they killed off Peyton and Lucas ended up with Brooke anyway 
  • Did a dog seriously just eat Dan's heart?
  • Seriously? No proper send-off for Peyton and Lucas? Well okay then. 
  • Hey - a phone with a camera! finally 
  • Why are there so many stalkers in Tree Hill?
  • I really like that they include new characters in the later seasons. It's very relatable that they all aren't best friends 10 years later. That's life 
  • Why do they always name their kids after their maiden names? First James and now Davis (they are cute though) 
  • Now Nathan is kidnapped? You want me to believe no one at the airport noticed a 6-foot basketball player being shoved into a car?! 
  • Finally, Lucas is back. You're a shitty friend, Lucas. 
  • F that. (having to see if it was Nathan at the morgue) Poor Haley. Nathan, come baaaaaaaack
  • Yaaaaaas Dan to the rescue 
  • Oh shit. He's dead (Dan). WHY AM I SO SAD. I SHOULD HATE YOU
  • Jamie beating Nathan's basketball score is amazing. You go, Jamie! 
  • So that's it? No proper send off for the Scott brothers? 
  • I'm not crying - you're crying. 

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