The Year That Changed Everything and This Could Change Everything Book Reviews

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Over the last week, I've read two really great books. One by an author I love, and the other by an author I'd never heard of - now I want to read all her other books.
What have you been reading? Let me know in the comments! 

The Year That Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly: 
I have been reading Cathy Kelly books for years.  She knows how to hook a reader from the first page and always develops such strong, incredible characters. 
The Year That Changed Everything focuses on three main characters; Ginger, Sam, and Callie who all experience life-altering events on their birthday. 
Ginger spends her 30th birthday at her 'best friends' wedding and is horrified to overhear some nasty things said about her. Sam spends her 40th in labor with her first child, and Callie spends her 50th at her birthday party when the police come knocking at her door and her husband on the run. 
Full of warmth and wisdom, The Year That Changed Everything is a story about friendship, love, and finding happiness (even in the most unexpected places). 
I loved all of the characters equally, however, Ginger has a special place in my heart. Her journey was the one most personal to me. Following the wedding, she spends the following months on a journey of self-discovery. From bikini photoshoots, to CrossFit, to opening herself up to love, she soon realises that she is enough - just as she is. You should read this book just to read the chapter where she runs into the so-called friend from the wedding and rubs her new life (and hot man) in her face. It's fabulous. 
Sam and Callie both have different journeys but they each reconnect with members of their family and find themselves at the end of the book. 
The Year That Changed Everything was a great reminder that life can suck sometimes, but it's also fleeting. Things will always look up, you just have to have a little faith. 
10/10 one of my favourite books of the year. 
RRP $29.99. Available at Whitcoulls, PaperPlus, and all good book stores. 

This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell: 

I had never read anything by Jill Mansell before so I let this book sit on my bookshelf for a couple of weeks before picking it up. I wish I'd read it sooner. This Could Change Everything was such a sweet book and I found myself smiling as I turned each page. 
Essie's life changes when an email meant only for the eyes of her friend, is sent to her whole email address book. The email details how she despises her boyfriend's mother, and doesn't paint a great picture of the boyfriend either. Essie soon finds herself jobless (she was working for the mother!), and homeless. Luckily, she runs into 80-year-old Zillah who offers her a room in the flat above her home. The job front is soon sorted when she finds a job in the pub across the road, that is, until she meets Lucas.... 
This Could Change Everything is a funny, moving, warm, and wonderfully entertaining read. I loved all the characters and really appreciated how Jill went into such detail into the background of each of the characters. It made the character development throughout the book that much special. 
If you're after a quick, heart-warming read, I really recommend This Could Change Everything. I'll be checking out more of Jill's books asap. 
RRP $29.99. 

xxx Hayley

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